Door Cup mats set Installation Guide for Jeep Cherokee 2015-2018(28pcs/set)

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1. Clean Before installing

To get the liners to "stick" and stay in place, the pockets must be clean before installation .

If you bought a white trim mats, Please put them under the light to absorb light, then the white color of the mats can glow in dark.


2. Installing 

Follow the installation guide to put the liners to corresponding pockets.

*Some set of liners with a number and L / R for easy installation, “L”=left,“R”=Right.*
*Some liner come with double side tape* You can use them to the liners you need, such as the rear seat fold-able cup holders pieces.


3. Post Install Cleaning

Shake the dust and crumbs off the liners. Wash them with warm water if needed, then put them in the clean place let them dry naturally. 


***Missing pieces? Receive Wrong item? ***

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***Extra pieces?***

We include extra pieces to fit all trim levels of the car, it is very possible you have extra pieces. 


***Curled Mats? ***

During shipping, some liners may get slightly bent and not sit flat in the compartments.  Usually, it will fix themselves over 1-2 weeks by being in a hot car. If you are in a cold climate you may need to use a hair dryer, wash the mat with hot water, or place them on your dashboard in the sun to fix the curling.




3x under the dashboard part in front of the shifter④⑤⑥[NOTE:The 3 pieces may be left over in some models and years.]

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